Who We Are?

Our Mission

“Leading The digital Technology Revolution”

We started our journey from a Basement Room Back in 2014 and formalized as Fest in September 2017 A.D. We do focus mainly on software projects and business operations. Besides that we always do consider our internal clients’ objectives and requirements from both business and technology perspective. FEST also offer risk assessment services and software solutions across different product lines. 


We are highly involved in the design, development, testing, and maintenance of our valuable clients’ software and applications. We are a group of very energetic and enthusiastic IT professionals driven towards implementing the best of the technology and providing solutions for various disciplines with the help of information technology.

Future Education of Science and Technology (FEST) is a Hi Tech Software Company eligible for Developing, Designing and Making Technological Products established in 2017 located at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal with the aim of making every schools/colleges digitalized and technology friendly. FEST has adopted a multi-vendoring centralized system, which allows schools to access a single server and single database system, allowing them to have more control over their systems and reduce their maintenance costs. FEST also provides highly secured and cloud based systems, which enable schools to store, access and manage their data safely and securely. The cloud based system also allows for efficient data transfer, making it easy for schools to share data with other schools or with their students. FEST has also implemented a working efficiency based reward and punishment system to increase productivity in the workplace. This system is designed to reward employees who are productive and to punish those who are not meeting their goals. This system encourages employees to work harder and increase their efficiency.